question about hardware architecture.

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take a look at this link, it's not 
exactly what you want to do but you can apply the concepts to fit your 

you need to setup the haresources to, mount the filesystem, start cyrus, 
  and do the ipaddr takeover. i stongly suggest that you use to stonith 
to power off the other node in you cluster and use a journaling filesystem.

Andrzej Kwiatkowski wrote:
>>>Thanks. For future : I want to use EMC because of price. My emplyer
>>>has big price reduction.
>>>All servers will be conected through Brocade FC switches.
>>>I don't want to mount one LUN to few servers. But i'm need to
>>>be able to mount this LUN only once but every server need to by able
>>>to mount this. I'll read everything you propose and then i'll write sth.
>>>I hope you understand.
>>If I correctly understand you I don't think you need any of the above
>>shared filesystem. Since every FS is only mounted once, there is no need
>>for a special fs. Without knowing exactly I expect you can do all you need
> Exactly. I need HA working solution for mounting file systems.
> In example:
> 1 storeage with 1 lun
> 2 hosts.
> lun i mounted (for example ext2/ext3 ) on host1.
> When host one is down, i can mount this lun on host2.
> I don't know how it is possible, because host1 and host2 sees this lun.
> On this site i haven't found anthing on configuration based on EMC and linux.
> Have got any experience ?
> Thanks
> AK
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