Virtdomains appending domain after folder names!

Robin Rainton robin at
Fri Oct 7 17:56:06 EDT 2005


Applogies if this is an RTFM... can't seem to find that particular M :(

Am trying to setup virtual domains, on standard FC4 installation,
cyrus-imapd-2.2.12-6.fc4, etc.

With this in /etc/imapd.conf there is some success:

virtdomains: userid
unixhierarchysep: yes

sasldblistusers2 shows:

test at userPassword
fred at userPassword happens to be the local hostname.

When a user logs in as fred at and creates folders, they look like
this in cyradm (I look with lm):


Which is not what I think should be happening, what I want is this:

user/fred at
user/fred at
user/fred at

I make some assumption about the fact that the '' is being cut
because it's the default, so change that setting to:

defaultdomain: no.default

Now, one ends up with a mailbox like this:

user/fred/Drafts at
user/fred/Trash at

This doesn't look right at all. This login was done with Horde, BTW. Have also
tried login with mutt which works in the first, but not this second (it just
hangs on login).

Can anyone tell me what's wrong here? And is there an up to date HOWTO on this,
the one I find is dated Oct 2000 and hence waaaay out of date.

Thanks in advance,


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