The Cyrus db (/var/imap/db) is suddenly hundreds of MB!

Paul Boven p.boven at
Thu Oct 6 17:46:53 EDT 2005

Hi Igor, everyone,

Igor Brezac wrote:
>>>> Trying to run 'ctl_cyrusdb -r' takes a few minutes but aborts with a
>>>> coredump. When I try to start Cyrus, it tries to recover the database
>>>> (but coredumps), then starts copying all these 10MB logfiles into
>>>> db.backup and we run out of diskspace again.

>>> change directory to /var/imap before you run ctl_cyrusdb -r:
>>> cd /var/imap
>>> ctl_cyrusdb -r
>> But no, that doesn't make a difference, I did it from /var/imap the 
>> first time I tried, too.

> I wonder if your db env is corrupt.  stop cyrus server and
> cd /var/imap
> db_recover
> ctl_cyrusdb -r

> If that does not work and if you use skiplist for the mailboxes db, you 
> can remove the contents of /var/imap/db and all berkeley dbs (deliver, 
> annotate, etc) and restart cyrus-imap.

Yes, the mailboxes.db is a skiplist.
In /var/imap I have these files:

  -rw-------   1 cyrus    mail         144 Sep 30 18:28 annotations.db
-rw-------   1 cyrus    mail     1629672 Oct  6 19:50 core
drwxr-x---   2 cyrus    mail        3584 Oct  6 19:50 db (863MB in here)
drwx------   2 cyrus    mail        1536 Oct  6 17:00 db.backup1 (580MB 
in here)
drwx------   2 cyrus    mail         512 Oct  6 16:30 db.backup2 (2kb in 
-rw-------   1 cyrus    mail     1515520 Oct  6 16:28 deliver.db
drwxr-x---   2 cyrus    mail         512 Aug 13  2004 log
-rw-------   1 cyrus    mail     5016276 Oct  6 16:06 mailboxes.db
drwxr-x---   2 cyrus    mail       15360 Oct  6 16:48 proc
drwxr-x---   2 cyrus    mail         512 Oct  6 16:59 socket
-rw-------   1 cyrus    mail       16384 Oct  6 04:00 tls_sessions.db
drwx------  25 cyrus    mail         512 Aug 16  2004 user

Question: What database exactl is in /var/imap/db? I understand that it 
gets backed up to db.backup1/db.backup2, but am not sure what it 
contains, and what the consequences of deleting it are... what will my 
users be missing if I do? Deleting tls_sessions and deliver.db is ok, 
but what is in annotations.db, is that safe to remove to? Is it neccesary?

Regards, Paul Boven.

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