The Cyrus db (/var/imap/db) is suddenly hundreds of MB!

Igor Brezac igor at
Thu Oct 6 14:30:33 EDT 2005

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005, Paul Boven wrote:

> Hi Igor, everyone,
> Igor Brezac wrote:
>>> Trying to run 'ctl_cyrusdb -r' takes a few minutes but aborts with a
>>> coredump. When I try to start Cyrus, it tries to recover the database
>>> (but coredumps), then starts copying all these 10MB logfiles into
>>> db.backup and we run out of diskspace again.
>> change directory to /var/imap before you run ctl_cyrusdb -r:
>> cd /var/imap
>> ctl_cyrusdb -r
>> Do that work?
> Thanks for the reply.
> But no, that doesn't make a difference, I did it from /var/imap the first 
> time I tried, too.

I wonder if your db env is corrupt.  stop cyrus server and
cd /var/imap
ctl_cyrusdb -r

If that does not work and if you use skiplist for the mailboxes db, you 
can remove the contents of /var/imap/db and all berkeley dbs (deliver, 
annotate, etc) and restart cyrus-imap.


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