Cyrus + LDAP + SASLauth problem. Rewrite login?

Georg Gell georg_1 at
Thu Oct 6 06:30:39 EDT 2005

David Manchado schrieb:
> Hello Georg,
> what I've found regarding this issue is:
>>     dn: cn=defaultrecipient, dc=fake, dc=dom
>>     objectclass: top
>>     objectclass: virtualaccount
>>     cn: defaultrecipient
>>     owner: uid=root, dc=someserver, dc=isp, dc=dom
>>1 -> mailacceptinggeneralid: fake.dom
>>2 -> mailacceptinggeneralid: @fake.dom
>>3 -> maildrop: realuser at real.dom  
> But you must associate the address to one from a domain listed in my domain 
> (in the example real.dom).
> As I thought it seems cyrus only delegates in saslauthd the auth (logical 
> anyway) and not the way to change the user login.
> Let's try to solve the problem in postfix.
> Regards,
> El Jueves 6 Octubre  2005 08:54, Georg Gell escribió:
>>David schrieb:
>>>I would like to 'rewrite' or associate the user at mailbox with
>>> at localhost.
>>>Due to postfix limitations, it can only accept mail for domain listed in
>>>mydomains (localhost for example). The problem is adding a domain to
>>>mydomains list implies a reload of postfix and the decrease of
>>>performance, besides the procedure is not as simple as creating the
>>>accounts in LDAP, I need to access to smtp servers.
>>>With a maildrop configuration like user at ->
>>> at localhost I would workaround this problem in
>>>postfix-side, but then I have the problem with the user login of the
>>>customers that should be (with virtdomains adding
>>>@localhost) but should be desiderable to use login user at due to
>>>current configuration in qmail/qpopper server that we need to integrate.
>>>Thanks in advance, regards
>>postfix can use ldap lookups for virtual domains,
>> No need to restart postfix.

Hello David,

I spent some time with this problem, because I needed to integrate
open-xchange on my sql lookup table driven mail server - and ox uses ldap.

first read this:
AFAIK that's what you want to do

use virtual_mailbox_domains for ldap domain lookup, not mydomains. I
don't know how to do that because I have no real clue how to get the
domains out of your ldap server.

for virtual_mailbox_maps the ldap lookup has to return any value for all
existing email addresses, so postfix excepts mail for this address.

virtual_alias_maps let's you create alias addresses

IIRC I had to change the cyrus line in /etc/postfix/ to
cyrus     unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
  user=cyrus argv=/usr/lib/cyrus/deliver -e -r ${sender}  ${recipient}

and I use
virtual_transport = cyrus


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