Cyrus + LDAP + SASLauth problem. Rewrite login?

Marcus I. Ryan marcus at
Thu Oct 6 03:18:25 EDT 2005

You shouldn't have to.  Postfix allows you to set up maps for pretty 
much all look-up tables, including mydomains.  You create a different 
ldap configuration file (e.g. and point mydomains to 
ldap:/usr/local/etc/ (or wherever you put the file).  
What you put in there depends on your configuration.  For instance, 
mine is set up like so:

Root (o=My Organization, c=US)
    +-- cn=User1 (user1 at
  +-- ou=domain.tld
    +-- cn=User2 (user2 at domain.tld)

My config might have something like:
search_base = o=My Organization,c=US
result_attribute = ou
query_filter = (&(objectClass=organizationUnit)(ou=%s))

I'm still working to get to this point myself, but my preliminary 
testing shows it should work, and now that I have my weird saslauth 
issue cleared up, I should be there soon.

Marcus I. Ryan, marcus at
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Quoting David <info-cyrus at>:

> Hello,
> I would like to 'rewrite' or associate the user at mailbox with
> at localhost.
> Due to postfix limitations, it can only accept mail for domain listed in
> mydomains (localhost for example). The problem is adding a domain to
> mydomains list implies a reload of postfix and the decrease of performance,
> besides the procedure is not as simple as creating the accounts in LDAP, I
> need to access to smtp servers.
> With a maildrop configuration like user at ->
> at localhost I would workaround this problem in postfix-side,
> but then I have the problem with the user login of the customers that should
> be (with virtdomains adding @localhost) but should be
> desiderable to use login user at due to current configuration in
> qmail/qpopper server that we need to integrate.
> Thanks in advance, regards
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> David
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