Disapearing mailbox's

Jai jai at linknet.com.au
Thu Oct 6 02:25:51 EDT 2005

!!Sorry about the "life story" below. :-)!!




I have been experiencing some teething problems with web-cyradm
(0.5.5-beta1), cyradm and cyrus-imap (2.2.12) on centos 4.1.


I followed the bouncing ball howto by Luc de Louw except I used rpm's for
cyrus-sasl and cyrus-imap that came with the distro instead of compiling
from source.


Using web-cyradm I created a domain and an account. Using an imap client
(Evolution) I created a sub folder under the INBOX called test. All seemed
to working nicely.


My first problem occurred when I could not move anything into the new test
folder from the client; I received an error something about quota limit
reached. As the domain and accounts where created in web-cyradm with 0 quota
values, I was surprised.


So I thought I would try to set non-zero quota's on the mailbox, which
didn't seem to work using web-cyadm, not that I received any error, just
that after applying the changes the quota's where still showing empty in


Thinking that there might be a bug in web-cyradm I tried to set quota's via
the cyradm CLI which returned "permission denied" I suppose this was the
reason why web-cyadmin didn't seem to set the quota. I read in the doco that
you need to set some ACL's to a mailbox before the cyrus user could delete


*       setaclmailbox user/firstname.lastname.domain.com cyrus c


I assumed this might be the cause of the "permission denied" so I applied
the above command to the mailbox, after which listmailbox showed no entries.


After much stuffing around and no success I decided to reinstall cyrus-imapd
making sure to delete /var/spool/imap and /var/lib/imap. Now, since the
reinstallation of imap with all settings the same etc. I find that the admin
user cyrus doesn't seem to have permissions to create mailbox's although
authentication is successful.


Can anyone shed any light on the situation? What went wrong? Why is still
broken after a reinstallation?



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