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Mon Oct 3 11:55:14 EDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 11:25 -0400, Jason Dixon wrote:

> Where neither "Bar" folders are readable by the client.  At this  
> point, I just want to delete them both and allow the user to recreate  
> their IMAP structure and upload (they POP'd all their mail to local  
> storage).  Unfortunately, when I delete their folders and do a  
> reconstruct as the cyrus user, it recreates the broken structure.  I  
> don't know much about Cyrus, but I'm guessing there's a master copy  
> of this information stored in db.  How can I blow away this user's  
> mail store and rebuild?
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> Jason Dixon
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The mailboxes.db file holds the information about all users' mailboxes.
You will need to use ctl_mboxlist to dump the contents of mailboxes.db
to a text file.  Then you can edit the text file removing the unwanted
fodlers and reload it to mailboxes.db with ctl_mboxlist.  Make sure you
move the original (back it up first) mailboxes.db out of the way before
re-loading your text file or it will just add to the mailboxes.db.

Hope that helps,

Brad Crotchett, RHCE
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