formail not parsing folder

Karl Boyken boyken at
Mon Oct 3 10:45:22 EDT 2005

I'm trying to convert email from our U Wash IMAP server over to Cyrus, 
using several Perl utilities mentioned in the O'Reilly IMAP book.  One 
of these, folderxfer, uses formail to split the U Wash mbox file into 
separate messages.  This is working fine, except for a couple of 
people's "Sent Items" folders, which formail doesn't seem to be able to 
parse into messages.  Apparently, "Sent Items" is created by our 
Horde/IMP webmail software.  Has anyone seen this?  Any solutions?  I've 
tried various combinations of formail switches, but nothing seems to 
split these folders correctly.  Thanks.

Karl Boyken, system administrator 
karl-boyken at
303A MLH, Dept. of Comp. Sci.
The U. of Iowa, Iowa City, IA  52242   319-335-2730 (voice) 
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