question about hardware architecture.

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Sat Oct 1 04:50:35 EDT 2005

> 2005/9/30, Simon Matter <simon.matter at>:
>> > Helo.
>> >
>> > I was asked to prepere hardware architecture to Cyrus based
>> > e-mail system for large number of accounts.
>> >
>> > What i want to propose is.
>> >
>> > 4 IBM xSeries 346 for mailbox servers.
>> > EMC CX700 as storeage.
>> >
>> > But i dont know how te resolve problem of mountig volumes from EMC.
>> >
>> > I want to do this for this way:
>> >
>> > Every server in normal way is mounting from EMC one volume on wich are
>> > binaries and mailboxes for this instance. When this server crash, i
>> > would like to remount this volume on the one from 3 remaining servers,
>> > and there run this instance.
>> >
>> > On SUN hardware i was using Veritas VM for such cluster operation.
>> > Now on x86 i've no idea. Veritas is not good for me, because as i
>> know,
>> > he doesn't work on Debian or FreeBSD systems which i plan to use.
>> >
>> > Have you got any idea ? which help me ;-)
>> Just some ideas:
>> For Linux there are some cluster FS like
>> GFS (RedHat, GPL)
>> OCFS2 (Oracle, GPL)
>> Veritas (without support on certain distr.)
>> I know there are more, however, I haven't used any of them.
> Thanks. For future : I want to use EMC because of price. My emplyer
> has big price reduction.
> All servers will be conected through Brocade FC switches.
> I don't want to mount one LUN to few servers. But i'm need to
> be able to mount this LUN only once but every server need to by able
> to mount this. I'll read everything you propose and then i'll write sth.
> I hope you understand.

If I correctly understand you I don't think you need any of the above
shared filesystem. Since every FS is only mounted once, there is no need
for a special fs. Without knowing exactly I expect you can do all you need


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