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Andrzej Kwiatkowski andrzej.kwiatkowski at
Wed Nov 30 05:15:23 EST 2005

2005/11/30, David Lang <david.lang at>:
> > server corresponding to login.
> >
> > Vlogin has this feature, but it need special table for preferences.
> > I've got table with colum mailhost (used by postfix too) and i want to
> > use it.
> >
> > Have you got any idea how to do this ?
> > Thanks
> > AK

> Cyrus makes this really easy, when you migrate to multiple IMAP servers
> implment cyrus murder, this makes your cluster of IMAP servers look like a
> single server to the outside world, so everything (including SM) works
> without modification with no need to do extra lookups.
> this also means that cyrus continues to be a black box to the outside
> world and you can move users from server to server without having to
> reconfigure anything (it's just a simple command on the murder server(s))
> David Lang

Hello. My mistake. I forgot about Cyrus Murder, or Perdition IMAP
Proxy and so on.

Thanks. I will try this way.

What is going on with ?
Since yesterday i've got conenction refused ?


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