(start_)tls and openssl-0.9.8a

Andreas Hasenack ahasenack at terra.com.br
Tue Nov 22 06:26:16 EST 2005

On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 07:34:07AM +0100, Nikola Milutinovic wrote:
> >What didn't work (./Configure);
> >zlib no-idea no-mdc2 no-rc5 no-ec no-ecdh no-ecdsa shared
> >
> >What worked:
> >no-idea no-rc5 shared
> >
> Hmm, first of all, why "no-idea, no-rc5"? You have better 


> If you have nerves for another run, try to build OpenSSL just without 
> zlib and test again. That would be my bet.

You were right. If I change:
no-idea no-rc5 shared

zlib no-idea no-rc5 shared

and rebuild, cyrus-imapd gives me that "bad record mac" error with the
resulting openssl. Removing "zlib" makes it go away.

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