traffic accounting for imap and pop

Cristian Livadaru drac3 at
Mon Nov 21 11:57:13 EST 2005

I have been reading the mailing list archive over the anonymous impa,
not sure how actual it still is, anyway I found some patches from 2003
regarding trafficaccounting.
Is this in anyway included in a actual release? or do the patches still
I love cyrus and I'm using it since some years but when it comes to some
documentation it realy is hard to find something, I think the new wiki
is a first great step in the right direction and I hope that everybody
that has something to contribute to the wiki that they will do it. 
but now back my subject, how can I do some accounting, preferably for
every virtual domain or user ( then I could extract the domain ) 

Regards, Cristian Livadaru

Cristian Livadaru
--=[ ]=--

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