Importing MBOX-formatted mailboxes into Cyrus?

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at
Thu Nov 17 20:15:09 EST 2005

Have you seen this page on the wiki:

Also consider using mbox to other format converters and then pulling them
into cyrus.

Or, potentially, setup a temporary server using something like the uw-imap
server.  It'll read directly from the mbox files.  Then you could use
imapsync to pull them from there onto the target cyrus box.

Does the QMP server have any interfaces?  POP?  You could always setup some
scripts and fetchmail to pull them off via POP and put them into cyrus.

There's more than one way to solve the problem.  Some are good for really
BIG migrations and others are well suited for quick hacks.

-Bill Kearney

----- Original Message ----- 
We are currently moving away from a POP3-based system (QuickMail Pro server
and client) to IMAP, with Cyrus as the IMAP server and primarily Thunderbird
as the client. Have already succesfully transitioned our users to using IMAP
via Thunderbird. The problem we have run into is with older emails.
QuickMail uses its own format for storing messages. I was able to convert
these into standard MBOX format using a tool called qmptombox, which we were
able to import into Thunderbird's "Local Folders". Ideally, however, we
would like to have these messages reside on the IMAP server itself. Are
there any tools available that will take MBOX mailboxes and insert them into
Cyrus? If not, if anyone has found a suitable workaround, I would love to
hear it.

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