Using Procmail, Sendmail with Cyrus

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Thu Nov 17 07:01:31 EST 2005

gui wrote:
> I'm trying to use Procmail on my Sendmail/Cyrus server.
> I'm using cyrus-imapd-2.2.12 and Sendmail 8.13.3on Freebsd 5.4, and want 
> to use procmail-3.22_6.
> I couldn't find much information on the web on how to use procmail. My 
> main objective is to get bsd vacation working - and this requires procmail.
> I need vacation because my webmail Horde needs it (cannot use sieve).
> The only information I can find is :  
> And the O'Rielly IMAP Management book.  But both are not very clear. 
> Has anybody installed and configured Procmail on a Sendmail/Cyrus server?
> Care to share your experience and a How-To?
> Thank you very much in anticipation.

The simplest method is to make sendmail deliver messages via standard local 
mailer and use ~/.procmailrc to redirect messages to cyrus using "deliver" 
program from cyrus package.

There are multitude of cyrus&sendmail integration methods.
A few are described at:

e.g. it is possible to select cyrus mailer *after* alias and ~/.forward 
expansion. It will allow users with OS account to use procmail for 
processing recived messages. Users without ~/.forward file and existing 
corresponding cyrus mailobx will get their mail delivered to cyrus mailbox.

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