cm non-INBOX folder: Permission denied

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at
Sat Nov 12 22:27:20 EST 2005

> I have set up a normal user named tester, with a home directory. I
> would like cyrus-imapd to store the users mail inside of the users
> home directory.

But, IIRC, that's not where cyrus stores mail.  Cyrus uses it's own
'partitions' to store all mail, not the shell home directory.  Thus trying
to make folders in the ~/mail directory won't get you anywhere.

> However whenever I try to create a non-inbox folder I
> get the error. Here is an example using cyradm
> localhost> cm try201
> cm try201
> createmailbox: Permission denied

How about "cm INBOX.try201" instead?

> # ls -l /home/tester
> drwxrwxrwx  2 cyrus mail 1024 Nov 11 23:20 mail

Since cyrus ignores this that won't make a difference.

> At one time I was having an authentication problem with tester.  The
> user tester seamed to have one password with saslpasswd2 and a
> different one with passwd, but I changed them both so that they are
> the same now.

Cyrus doesn't care what the shell account might be using.  Cyrus accounts
are totally separate from the shell accounts.

But then again, I'm not exactly a cyrus expert so feel free to correct me.

-Bill Kearney

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