Frequent DBERROR DB4

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Wed Nov 9 14:30:39 EST 2005


But, can these cause the server to eventually stop responding?  POP and IMAP
connections are no longer possible, and after a restart it comes back.  So
the next question is, should I consider an upgrade, and if so, what steps
should I consider?  What should I backup prior to installing?  Am I able to
use the rpm?



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Q: I'm getting messages in imapd.log like:

Sep 11 17:23:55 ogg lmtpd[773]: DBERROR db3: 16 lockers
Sep 11 17:23:55 ogg lmtpd[1409]: DBERROR db3: 17 lockers
Sep 11 17:23:56 ogg lmtpd[1508]: DBERROR db3: 9 lockers
Sep 11 17:23:56 ogg lmtpd[776]: DBERROR db3: 9 lockers

What's wrong?

   A: Nothing is wrong. These messages are logged whenever Berkeley
db encounters lock contention, but isn't necessarily a problem by
themselves. This is especially likely when you have an empty or small
duplicate delivery database and are receiving a large volume of

   Berkeley db 4.0 has a bug where the number of lockers isn't
decremented properly, causing this number to be unreliable.


2005/11/9, Stephen Conway <sconway at>:
> Hello:
> We have a Cyrus IMAPD server version 2.1.12 running on a RH 8 server.  All
> is working find up until last week, now we are getting increasing errors
> follows:
> Nov  7 22:36:33 antar lmtpd[1057]: DBERROR db4: 50 lockers
> The number before lockers keeps going higher and higher until eventually
> server stops receiving pop and imap connections.  After a restart of the
> server, it starts over again.  My question is, how can I stop these, and
> after a reboot does it reset down to 1 again?  I have read a bit in the
> archives and it seems that this has something to do with Berkley DB and
> updating to newest version of Cyrus should fix this, is this correct?  If
> so, what are the necessary steps to install the latest version, preserving
> the existing system, users, messages, etc.
> In addition, previous version was not installed with the RPM, can you let
> know where to find the RPM for RH8?
> Any light you can shed is appreciated.
> Regards,
> Steve
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