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Simon Matter simon.matter at
Wed Nov 9 03:11:57 EST 2005

> On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 16:58 +0100, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
>> Am Di, den 08.11.2005 schrieb Craig White um 14:38:
>> > I haven't a clue what features are included in FC-3 - that is why I
>> > suggested checking out the README to see if feature was included.
>> >
>> > Myself, I use RHEL & CentOS for servers (never Fedora) and never use
>> > RHEL/CentOS cyrus-imapd because of the tremendous autocreate packages
>> in
>> > Simon's RPM's (thanks Simon btw)
>> >
>> > I actually created an RFE in to incorporate either
>> > more of the autocreate stuff or use Simon's RPM's and it was tossed
>> into
>> > the next release category which is what I presumed never happened
>> > category (e.g. RH's laggard adoption of openldap advances).
>> >
>> > Craig
>> There is no need for an RFE. The Fedora Core / Fedora Extras (FC4)
>> packages of Cyrus-IMAPd are based (~99%) on Simon's great work and
>> include the autocreate patches already. They, the patches, are just not
>> that up to date as those Simon's latest RPM incorporate.
> ----
> Yes, it was clear that the RHEL/Fedora cyrus-imapd were taken from
> invoca-ch (Simon) but they weren't the same as that which you can
> download and build from Simon's web site.
> I think I did the RFE on FC-3 which was long before FC-4 and RHEL-4 came
> out and specifically wanted autosieve and some of the others and I know
> they weren't included in RHEL-4 version. I don't use Fedora for servers
> (CentOS or RHEL) so I wouldn't know where they are on the FC-4 cyrus-
> imapd but my guess is that they didn't change.
> So I have given up on RHEL cyrus-imapd packages and just use Simon's and
> the autocreate stuff is great - excepting of course, what Aleksandar's
> (note not Alexander Dalloz) admonition that when I had an issue with
> ldap lookups of aliases, it created a new mailbox when it should have
> aliased to a real is fragile and you have to watch out. The
> autosieve and the autosubscribe features in Simon's packages are worth
> straying from RHEL/Fedora packages.
> As for OP - I don't recall if autocreatequota is part of Fedora's
> packages, which is why I recommended checking the readme. The nasty
> thing about directives in imapd.conf is that they seem to be silently
> ignored if not applicable so there's no log created if the feature is
> requested in imapd.conf but not part of package.

At least with my packages and those derived from them, you can determine
most build options. Just check
Of course it doesn't tell you exactly which versions of patches have been


> Craig
> Craig
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