Frequent DBERROR DB4

Stephen Conway sconway at
Tue Nov 8 14:03:56 EST 2005

We have a Cyrus IMAPD server version 2.1.12 running on a RH 8 server.  All
is working find up until last week, now we are getting increasing errors as
Nov  7 22:36:33 antar lmtpd[1057]: DBERROR db4: 50 lockers
The number before lockers keeps going higher and higher until eventually the
server stops receiving pop and imap connections.  After a restart of the
server, it starts over again.  My question is, how can I stop these, and why
after a reboot does it reset down to 1 again?  I have read a bit in the
archives and it seems that this has something to do with Berkley DB and that
updating to newest version of Cyrus should fix this, is this correct?  If
so, what are the necessary steps to install the latest version, preserving
the existing system, users, messages, etc.
Any light you can shed is appreciated.


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