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Am Di, den 08.11.2005 schrieb Craig White um 14:38:

> I haven't a clue what features are included in FC-3 - that is why I
> suggested checking out the README to see if feature was included.
> Myself, I use RHEL & CentOS for servers (never Fedora) and never use
> RHEL/CentOS cyrus-imapd because of the tremendous autocreate packages in
> Simon's RPM's (thanks Simon btw)
> I actually created an RFE in to incorporate either
> more of the autocreate stuff or use Simon's RPM's and it was tossed into
> the next release category which is what I presumed never happened
> category (e.g. RH's laggard adoption of openldap advances).
> Craig

There is no need for an RFE. The Fedora Core / Fedora Extras (FC4)
packages of Cyrus-IMAPd are based (~99%) on Simon's great work and
include the autocreate patches already. They, the patches, are just not
that up to date as those Simon's latest RPM incorporate.


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