deliver mails to user's "Bulk" folder

Ed cyrus-ml at
Mon Nov 7 04:34:16 EST 2005

Ivan R. Sy Jr. wrote:
> hi all
> I got postfix->amavisd(with ClamAV and 
> SpamAssasin)->postfix->cyrus-imapd22 already running smoothly,
> question now is, i want that the spam mails (already tagged in the MIME 
> headers) get delivered to the user's Bulk folder? Ive already set 
> autocreateinbox and autosubscribe for each user.
> also how do automated clean up per user's bulk messages for emails 
> delivered 30 days.
> something like yahoo mail, yes.
> can anyone give me some leads to this?

To have the mail routed to the Bulk folder, you'd probably want to use
sieve scripts, such as those at .  I don't know if
'global sieve scripts' are possible.

To have the entries cleared periodically, use an entry in
/etc/cyrus.conf in the events section, such as

# Purge trash from folders
purgebulk    cmd="/usr/sbin/ipurge -d 30 -f user.%.Bulk" at=0200

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