Implementing shared folders and bulletin boards ala O'Reilly's "Managing IMAP"

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Hi Kevin,

--On 3. November 2005 09:08:00 -0500 Kevin <cyrus at> wrote:

> I've seen hints in the list archives about creating a mailbox called
> "bb.bulletinboard".  Is this "user.X" and "bb.X" syntax important to
> Cyrus imapd?

yes. From the imapd.conf manpage:

       sharedprefix: Shared Folders
            If using the alternate IMAP namespace, the prefix for  the 
            namespace.    The   hierarchy   delimiter  will  be 

>  I've always created mailboxes with "user." as the prefix
> to any user's inbox and whatever follows the dot is the username and
> email address (without the of course).

That's correct. If no "sharedprefix" is set, Share Folders aka Bulletin 
Boards are create without any prefix. If you set the prefix to "bb" you get 
names such as "bb.bulletinboard".

> Can someone give me some specific detailed information on creating a
> bulletin board (rather than a shared folder as defined herein)?  Maybe
> even including cyradm commands?  Along the same lines, could folks share
> examples of how they are using these two different concepts in their
> organizations?

We're not really using them, but we have a few. I created them with cyradm 
like this:

cm betrieb-aktuell

This is the ACL we're using:

  owner lrswipcda
  anyone lrsp

> And then, just to make sure I understand, what are all of the ways that
> one can get a message into such a folder?  Is copying and/or moving a
> message from one mailbox (in a MUA) to this public folder going to work?

Sure, if the ACL allows it.

> (I would expect that it would using the IMAP command set)?  Can one also
> do so using a MTA such as sendmail or postfix?  If so, what address
> should be in the "To: " field for this to work?
>  Say the mailbox created
> was: "bb.MyBulletinBoard"  What address would I use to post to that
> using an MTA like postfix?

I don't know about postfix. With sendmail all names have to be lowercase. 
I'm also not sure about the prefix, so let's suppose the name were just 
"mybulletinboard". Then you would address that folder like this: 
+mybulletinboard at ...

Cheers, Sebastian Hagedorn
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