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Andrew Morgan morgan at
Thu Nov 3 15:55:57 EST 2005

If I recall correctly, you can remove that line entirely.  Lines beginning 
with "From <datestring>" are used as the message delimiter in mbox format. 
A real From header would be "From: xxx" (note the colon).

Cyrus doesn't need that header to separate messages since it has one file 
per message.  For the record, that is also why Pine always inserts a ">" 
in front of any lines beginning with "From " in the message body as well.


On Thu, 3 Nov 2005, David Blewett wrote:

> Thanks, Leon and Chad for pointing this program out. It worked much better! I 
> was able to copy all the "good" messages fine with it.
> I was able to track down the cause of the "Invalid Header" as well. For some 
> reason, I have a bunch of messages with this header:
> ">From XXX Tue Feb 22 20: 16:15 2005"
> I'm not sure where they came from; possibly an error in migrating between 
> servers. Now the question is, how do I remove these? There is always the 
> ">From XXX", but the date after changes.
> Any ideas?
> David
> Quoting lkolchin at
>> Try imapsync -
>> Here is an example of the syntax:
>> imapsync --host1 --user1 username1 --password1 secret1 --host2 
>> --user2 username2 --password2 secret2 --noauthmd5 --include 
>> '^ANYFOLDERNAME' --subscribe
>> Regards,
>> Leon
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>> Subject: Formatting Messages
>> I've tested out several different IMAP servers in the last few years 
>> (Courier, DBMail, now Cyrus). All my personal mail is currently in DBMail, 
>> and I'm trying to migrate it to Cyrus. I've got archives of a few mailing 
>> lists that run to the thousands of messages. Interspersed throughout these 
>> are random messages that apparently have "bare newlines" or "invalid 
>> headers". When trying to move the entire folder, I'll get these often 
>> reported errors.
>> Is there a way to move the messages that do not have malformed headers, and 
>> leave the rest? I want to move as much as I can to Cyrus, but I really 
>> don't want to have to try each message seperately.
>> Alternatively, is there a tool to repair the messages with errors?
>> I've tried having 2 IMAP accounts in Thunderbird, and moving from one to 
>> the other. I've tried mailutil, offlineimap, and mbsync with no luck. Any 
>> tips would be appreciated!
>> David
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