How to fully enable those last mulberry binaries

Andreas ahasenack at
Thu Nov 3 10:25:17 EST 2005

On Thu, Nov 03, 2005 at 09:18:43AM -0500, Kevin wrote:
> Hi All-
> I just noticed that Cyrusoft went bankrupt.  I saw the last copies of
> Mulberry on their website and noticed that they were up to version 4.
> I've been running version 3 for a long time and am not sure if I would
> need new licenses and serial numbers for enabling the software in v4 or
> if my s/n for version 3 will work with the v4 software.  Can anyone
> comment on this or does anyone know how to reach the folks at Cyrusoft
> now given their financial filings?  I'd really like to have fully
> functional version 4 of that MUA.  Very nice.  What a shame that they're
> going away...

And what a shame that mulberry has to go down with them.

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