createmailbox: permission denied when logged on as admin

Robbie Cahill robbie_syd_au at
Tue Nov 1 19:48:13 EST 2005

I get the following errors now - 
localhost.localdomain> cm user.order at
createmailbox: Permission denied
localhost.localdomain> cm user/order at
createmailbox: Invalid mailbox name

I added the following to imapd.conf
unixhierarchysep: 0
altnamespace: 0
I still get the same errors as above.


Robbie Cahill wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I did this
> localhost bin # cyradm -auth DIGEST-MD5 --user 
> robbie at --authz robbie at localhost
> Password: <of course, I put in the correct password and pressed enter>
> localhost.localdomain> cm user.order at
> createmailbox: Permission denied
> localhost.localdomain>
> here is some of my imapd.conf
> admins: cyrus, robbie at, robbie at
> ..
> anyone got an idea of whats going on?
> It was working before...happened all of a sudden without me doing nothing
> I want to create a mailbox without permission denied. 
> robbie at is an admin, as shown above. All the emails 
> on the system work fine in sync with postfix I just cant add new 
> ones for some reason.
> Also If I log in as cyrus even with the correct password with 
> cyradm, I get "cannot authenticate with digest-md5 as cyrus." 
> another part of imapd.conf says:
> Ive tried this 50 times, caps lock is off. it has to be a problem 
> with the server.
> Regards,
> Robbie Cahill
This is about uixhieracy+altnamespace i imapd.conf

Try to add a user like this (or change altnamespace+uixhieracy),

cm user/order at


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