setting up IMAP users

Nick Smith nick.smith79 at
Tue Nov 1 15:02:19 EST 2005

im currently a new user of cyrus, im very familiar with courier as thats
what ive always used in the past for mail servers. im currently using SLES9
and that distro uses cyrus, it doesnt seem to be automagiclly making the
users mail folders, there is a directory under the root home folder called
Mail which seems to have the correct folders but i cannot login to that
account via IMAP for some reason. And the command line tool isnt exactly
user friendly, i tried "cyradm -auth localhost" and i get a cyrus prompt,
then i type cm 'user' and i get "no connection to server" if i dont use the
"-auth" i get a segment fault. ive pretty much narrowed down the problem to
cyrus and the mail directories not being there. is there any help you can
give me to get this working? i am looking into your web admin program,
hopefully that will work once the web server comes online.

thanks for any and all replies.

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