Message contains NUL characters ...

Patrick J. LoPresti patl at
Sat May 14 17:42:19 EDT 2005

For the record, this problem is not just caused by viruses and spam.

Where I work, some of our customers are in Japan and China.  I have
examples of messages sent via Outlook/Exchange in Japanese and Chinese
which include embedded NUL characters.  Rejecting these messages is
simply not an option from a business perspective.

If the default behavior of the major MTAs were to reject NUL
characters, all of the sending software would eventually get fixed.
But until that happens, I have to live with these messages.

So my only option is to to strip the NUL characters on the way in.  I
hate mangling message content as much as anyone, but I really have no
choice (other than to migrate off of Cyrus).  Since the messages are
not technically valid anyway, I feel less badly about mangling them.

Right now I use a very bad hack with an intermediate MTA to do this.
Having it as a configuration option in Cyrus would be VERY convenient.

Is such a change acceptable to the Cyrus developers?  If so, should I
(or someone) open a Bugzilla ticket to track this feature request?

 - Pat
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