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Fri May 6 21:59:34 EDT 2005

On Fri, 6 May 2005, Jim Levie wrote:

> On Thu, 2005-05-05 at 16:35, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
>> On Fri, 6 May 2005, Sergey wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 03 May 2005 01:21, Amos wrote:
>>>> Hmmm... what's this about ClamAV? Integrated virus scanning? Maybe
>>>> for the Sieve virus check test?
>>> It is very bad idea. Anti-virus check should be made at a stage of
>>> smtp-session. The sender should receive reject <virus name> after data.
>>> It is not a problem of cyrus-imap. It is a task of MTA.
>> 'k, I use postfix right now, and amavisd for the virus scanning ... as far
>> as I know, the sender doesn't receive a 'reject <virus name>' that way
>> either ... or is there something that I need to setup for this to happen?
> I use MailScanner to to A/V scanning and spam control and it can be
> configured to send a reject back to the sender of a virus infected
> message. But in the general case it is a bad idea since most of what
> you'll see will have a forged envelope sender. So any notice you send
> back is unlikely to reach the real sender and winds up just being an
> annoyance to some innocent party. During the recent Sober outbreak I was
> getting about 30 reject warnings an hour from all over the place. Given
> that I don't have any windows boxes and thus could never have been the
> source of a Sober infected email it was just a major annoyance.

'k, I thought maybe he was suggesting some way of doing it at the SMTP 
'handshake' level, so that it was rejected before even hitting the queue 

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