is this a DB lock problem?

Phil Chambers P.A.Chambers at
Thu May 5 06:00:15 EDT 2005

I am running cyrus-imap-2.2.8 and it has been running continuously for over a year 
without a shutdown.  Today I suddenly have a problem which shows up with Mulberry. 
Mulberry hangs at startup while trying to obtain a list of all users.

A protocol log on cyrus show that the the IMAP process has obtained a list of the 
user's folders and then issued:

  A00006 LIST "" "user.%"

command. The IMAP process has not responded and appears to be hanging and does not 
time-out (at least, I have waited several minutes).

The logs show the usual "DBERROR db3: nnn lockers" messages.  However, whereas the 
number has always typically been less than tem it has steadily increase over night 
to around 450, jumping around at that sort of level.

Is it likely I have a genuine lock problem or could there be some other issue here?

I can see no way out of it at present, other than to shut down the service.  We have 
several thousand currently active users who will thrown off if I do that, so I am 
looking for a less drastic solution.

Any ideas please?

Phil Chambers (postmaster at
University of Exeter

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