Shared Mailboxes and Postfix

Josh Whitver whitverj at
Mon May 9 10:26:26 EDT 2005

Hello all,

We're currently running FirstClass on our K12 campus and we're looking to
migrate to Cyrus+Postfix on Mac OS X Server 10.4 this summer.  We would very
much like to use Shared Mailboxes to duplicate the Conferences feature of
FirstClass, but have thus far not had much luck.  

I can create the mailboxes fine via cyradm, and they show up on our Mail client
under the Shared folders header, which suggests that from Cyrus's standpoint,
at least, everything is hunky-dory.  What I can't figure out is how to actually
send a message to this shared mailbox.  I've tried mucking about in the
imap.conf file, as well as various postfix config files, and have created an
entry for the postuser in imapd.conf as such:
postuser: Conference

As I understand it, this should allow us to send mail to "Conference+<shared
mailbox name>@<domain>" and have the message delivered to the shared mailbox. 
This isn't what's happening, however.  Initially, there was no mail-capable
user named "Conference", so I created one, but now all mail sent to the address
above gets delivered to the "Conference" user Inbox, not the shared mailbox.

One final complication:  Apple, in their infinite wisdom, has slightly modified
the default naming convention for mailboxes for their distribution of cyrus -
user mailboxes are named with "/" as the separator (so
"user/<username>/<mailbox name>" is the norm, instead of being named with

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks!
Josh Whitver
whitverj at / josh at
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