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Jules Agee julesa at
Wed May 18 16:17:14 EDT 2005

websrvr wrote:
> I'm very new to the list so I have no idea what has been previously 
> discussed, I did try to examine the list archives but  was  unsuccessful
> in finding anything that was helpful.
> Does anyone on this list with Mac OSX knowledge/experience know how  to
> get imap to authenticate users who are contain in a mysql database?

Configure PAM to authenticate imap, sieve, pop, etc. to mysql database.
Configure saslauthd to use PAM
Configure Cyrus to use saslauthd

Some details can be found here:

In particular, this setup forces Cyrus to use PLAIN client
authentication. That means connections from users to Cyrus send
passwords in plaintext over the wire unless you set up Cyrus to use TLS
for client connections. Highly recommended.

Jules Agee
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