List all current client sessions?

torsten at torsten at
Wed May 18 09:47:57 EDT 2005

>> check the files under /var/lib/imap/proc or wherever they are on your

If I found the right files, there is one file for each active connection,

On my test system, this file contains no more than the IP addresses (and
corresponding hostname via reverse lookup) but not the user name that this
session belongs to. Or did I overlook anything?


> Hi,
> --On 18. Mai 2005 15:09:46 Uhr +0200 torsten at wrote:
>> this question is so stupid that I cannot believe it hasn't been asked, but
>> I did not find anything in the archives.
>> How can I get a list of all IMAP user sessions that are currently running
>> on a server?
>> I would need that for example as the FAQ suggests that if you want to
rename a mailbox you should make sure the user isn't currently logged
>> How would I be able to check this?
> check the files under /var/lib/imap/proc or wherever they are on your
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