Running "ctl_mboxlist -m" on a running server

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Wed May 18 14:56:40 EDT 2005

Greeting, folks,

I have a Murder with two backends.  We have experienced what we believe 
to be skiplist corruption on the mupdate master server.  More precisely, 
the log show a few instance of such an error :

May 17 09:50:26 mupdate mupdate[19842]: DBERROR: skiplist recovery \
/var/imap/mailboxes.db: 45DF894 should be ADD or DELETE
May 17 09:50:26 mupdate mupdate[19842]: DBERROR: error updating \
database user.test1234.subtest123: cyrusdb error

Problem is : user.test1234.subtest123 exist on a backend, but don't show 
in the mupdate database.  Thus we can't delete the mailbox, frontend 
don't know about it, etc.

What would be the best to go about it ?  Would running "ctl_mboxlist -m" 
on the backends fix it ?  Is yes, is it possible to run it while the 
backend are live ?

Thanks very much for any tips !

Etienne Goyer
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