Problems with mupdate server.

Carol Tardif carol.tardif at
Thu May 19 14:49:00 EDT 2005


We are using Cyrus-2.2.10 in a Murder environnement with two
backend +200K mailboxes each. Since our upgrade from Red Hat 7.3
to RHEL 3.0 AS we get this error:

May 19 13:56:07 mupdate mupdate[26023]: DBERROR: skiplist recovery /var/imap/mailboxes.db: 45DF894 should be ADD or DELETE
May 19 13:56:07 mupdate mupdate[26023]: DBERROR: error updating database user.test1234.sbb: cyrusdb error

Since then our backends seems to have trouble to update their mailbox list.
Because some users can't see some of their mailbox.
With a ctl_mboxlist -d -f /var/imap/mailboxes we see the mailbox on the backend
but not on the mupdate with the same command.

First we restarted cyrus on both backend to make the backend execute the command
ctl_mboxlist -m. I'm not sure about running the command while cyrus is running.
Then everything is ok. But after some user creation the problem is back.

I don't wan't to delete the mupdate mailbox.db because I know it's
gonna take aroung 8 hours.

Is it normal while cyrus on backends is running that when we do a
ctl_mboxlist -mw we get output? Aren't the backend supposed the be always up
to date?

First I would like to correct the DBERROR, then I would like to understand why
this append.

Thanks for any answers or pointers.


Carol Tardif
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