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Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Thu May 19 16:54:27 EDT 2005

I'd like to setup saslauthd to act as an authentication "proxy", but not 
sure how (pointers to docs on this much appreciated) ...

Basically, I have n "machines", and want to sent up a central database of 
userid/passwds that each will refer to ... I don't want each machine to 
have the ability to view the database, only authenticate against it ...

The saslauthd would be on the central server itself, stored in a Pg 
database, vs sasldb2 ...

First step is to have saslauthd talk to the database .. the man page 
refers to:

                              The default configuration file for ldap support.

but I can find no docs on this ... does this just contain similar 
directives to what I'd do to have cyrus itself talk directly to the 

auxprop_plugin: pgsql
sasl_sql_engine: pgsql
sasl_sql_database: mail
sasl_sql_select: SELECT password FROM accountuser WHERE username = '%u' and domain_name = '%r'
sasl_sql_verbose: yes
sasl_sql_user: mail
sasl_sql_passwd: password
sasl_sql_hostnames: remotehost

Or is there something different I'd need to setup for this?

How about for cyrus/postfix themselves to talk to the saslauthd on a 
different server?

Thanks ...
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