murder or not murder

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>From what you have described it sounds like you are after something that is
expandable. If this is the case definitely start with a small murder
(back-end, db and front-end server) to get started and then you can grow it
from there without renaming or moving boxes around. 

As for web mail I initially chose IMP over Squirrelmail because it seemed
like any body could post an add-on to Squirrelmail without review and it was
questionable weather I could get any help if I had trouble. IMP and all of
the plug-ins are housed under the Horde project and all of them seem to be
well maintained. 

Jason Huddleston, CCSA
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+-Le 24/5/05 17:23 -0500, Jason Huddleston a dit :
| A few questions:
| 	How many accounts are you expecting???

many thousands, what I 

| 	How many messages a day are you expecting???

Well, I'd say about a hundred mails a say per account

| 	Are you planning on allowing quotas??? If so, how much space are you
| going to give each user???

Yes, quotas, and, Well, it'll depends on how much they'll need/pay for,
10M, 100M, 1G, whatever they want

| 	Are you planning on running some sort of web mail app???

That'll certainly be the case, yes, squirrelmail I think it'll be.

Mathieu Arnold

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