Redundant Imap Servers

Edward Rudd eddie at
Wed May 25 18:30:56 EDT 2005

Landy Bible wrote:

> I'm going to be setting up a small email server for my family and 
> business.  There will be maybe 10 or 15 mail accounts, and it will 
> handle 500 - 1000 emails per day, max.  Although its a small system, I 
> need a redundant setup so if one server goes down, another will 
> continue its job.  Is Murder suited to this task, or do I need to look 
> for something else?
I just finished setting up a similar setup.  I used drbd 
<> and heartbeat over the drbd interface to do a 
failover of the primary fails.  I also have a separate front end box 
that spools all the incoming mail to the amavisd-new content filter 
which sends it to the backend server to be stored into cyrus.

Murder doesn't provide failover, it only splits up the spool across 
multiple servers.  I believe that support for a load balance/fail over 
type setup is being added into the CVS cyrus.

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