"losing" email after delivery to cyrus

Paul Dekkers Paul.Dekkers at surfnet.nl
Thu May 26 02:58:21 EDT 2005


Justin wrote:

> Having a small issue with a user not receiving some mail from a couple 
> of internal users (that we know of). Mail may be getting "lost" when 
> sent from other users to this person but I don't know about them.
> I can see (at least I think I can!) the delivery to cyrus from postfix 
> in the logs;


> ...yet the message does not seem to arrive in the users' directory for 
> retrieval by the MUA (POP3).


> The sending MUA's are Outlook 2003 and the receiving client is Outlook 
> 2000. Cyrus version 2.2.12 Postfix 2.0.18. If anyone can provide some 
> advise as to how to debug this further I'd appreciate it. Please let 
> me know if more info is required and I'll endeavour to provide it.

I have no solution to your problem, but I recently had a complain from 
one of our users that looks like this. I can see the message has been 
delivered using LMTP (with postfix) to cyrus, but the message didn't 
show up in his INBOX, where it was in the INBOX of a collegue that was 

We're on cyrus 2.2.12 as well, but postfix is 2.1.5. The server runs 
FreeBSD, the client used Thunderbird as IMAP client (as did the collegue 
where the message was still in the inbox). I searched the disk for the 
message-ID, but unfortunally it really wasn't there. I trust the user 
that he indeed did not see the mail and did not delete it, but I must 
say I couldn't really find anything else logged that tells me where the 
message is gone to.


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