real time cyrus integration difficulties

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at
Thu May 26 17:26:31 EDT 2005

Rod Gutierrez wrote:
> for the last couple of days i have been trying to get real time cyrus 
> integration working with no luck. i am under the assumption that once 
> everything is working sendmail will return a "user unknown" message 
> when a user that doesn't exist on the system is sent an email, 
> instead it is quitting with a tempfail error (as you will see below).
> i have tried to include any information that i feel may be helpful. please 
> let me know if i am leaving anything out. i apologize in advance if i am 
> looking over something simple.
> [...]
> [root at mysubdomain ~]# grep Kcyrus /etc/mail/
> Kcyrus socket -a<OK> -T<TMPF> local:/usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/smmapd
> [...] 
> [root at mysubdomain ~]# ./ unix:/var/lib/imap/socket/smmapd cyrus rod
> rod => OK rod
> [...]
> let me know if i can include any other system output.  contacts smmapd via
    /var/lib/imap/socket/smmapd socket
but sendmail contacts smmapd via
    /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/smmapd socket

You can make non FEATURE(`mrs_cyrus.m4') use non built in 
smmapd socket location by defining CYRUS_SMMAPD_SOCKET before the 
feature e.g.

You can test replies sendmail gets from smmapd by using the command below:
echo '/map cyrus rod' | sendmail -bt

I think you have chhosen RTCyrus2 variant that:
IF    OS account exists    THEN delivers via local mailer
ELSIF cyrus mailbox exists THEN delivers via cyrus* mailer
ELSE  bounces message

[ alias checks ignored for simplification ]

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