real time cyrus integration difficulties

Rod Gutierrez rod at
Fri May 27 14:47:46 EDT 2005

you are 100% correct. things are working wonderful now. that should have 
stood out like a sore thumb after your last post, but i missed it. thank 
you for your help, and for your contribution to the community.


rod gutierrez

> Most likely your sendmail still tries to contact smmapd unix socket at 
> "wrong location".
> In your case smmapd socket location is set by seconds argument in 
> FEATURE(`mrs_cyrus',`...').
> 1) Remove no longer neede define(`CYRUS_SMMAPD_SOCKET',...)
> 2) Fix smmapd socket location in FEATURE(`mrs_cyrus',`...')
> FEATURE(`mrs_cyrus',`/var/lib/imap/socket/smmapd')dnl
> P.S. Let us know the effect.

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