No mailbox problem

Francisco Reyes lists at
Mon May 30 16:48:08 EDT 2005

On Mon, 30 May 2005, Dave Carrera wrote:

> I keep getting "Mailbox dose not excist" errors on sending myself and email 
> to activate the autocreate.

How about the output of "lm" from cyradm.
That will show what users you have.

Also one error I did a few times, which you may have done is when adding a 
user to do something like:
cm myuser at domain

but you need to

cm user.myuser at domain

What MTA you using? Was it configured to deliver to Cyrus?
What log files have you looked at?

Not sure what OS you are in, but in my FreeBSD box I had to look at

Looking at those files I was able to better pinpoint which part of the 
system was at fault.

I think it would help if you mention what MTA you are using, posting your 
imap configuration and cyrus.conf files and perhaps the MTA configuration 

I am a total newbie at Cyrus myself, but I think with the info above 
others will be able to better comment on your problem.
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