Cyrus Murder

Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Mon Mar 7 15:29:26 EST 2005


I am trying to fugure out the best way to accomplish my goal, and ran 
across the 'Murder' capability of Cyrus. Since I have already been 
considering SuSE SLES9 for our servers, I guess this would be a great 
fit - if it is safe and secure enough.

What I want to do is the following - maybe there is a better way to do 
it? I'd appreciate any comments...

1. Public facing Web/Secure IMAP server (SuSE SLES9 running Cyrus IMAP), 
behind an ISP provided firewall, with only necessary ports open.

2. Internal File/Mail server (also running SLES9, Cyrus IMAP) on a 
gigabit LAN, behind another firewall that has all incoming ports closed, 
and only outbound ports necessary for company business.

3. Clients/employees on internal LAN talk only to the Internal IMAP mail 
server when in the office, at full gigabit (LAN) speeds (don't have to 
go through a firewall bottleneck).

4. People from outside the physical office talk to the Public server.

5. I want the two servers to stay in sync at all times - although a 
delay of minutes is obviously completely acceptable.

This would provide (in my mind) maximum security *and* speed for IMAP 
email sessions for employees when in the office. I don't want to force 
all of our internal users to access the public mail server through a 
firewall if there is a way to avoid this.

Currently, we are using an outsourced email hosting provider, and the 
speed, because it is all IMAP, and because we deal with a lot of large 
attachments, is *very* slow. I want the new system to scream, but I am 
nervous about security.

Comments? Criticisms?

Best regards,


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