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Henrique de Moraes Holschuh hmh at
Mon Mar 7 16:12:18 EST 2005

On Mon, 07 Mar 2005, Charles Marcus wrote:
> considering SuSE SLES9 for our servers, I guess this would be a great 
> fit - if it is safe and secure enough.

It is quite safe and secure enough.  The recent audits and paranoia-fit
coding sessions Cyrus went through probably have left it with very, very few
holes (none known).

AFAIK murder requires full conectivity to all servers, since it does
referrals.  I am not sure if you can tell 2.2.x cyrus to never refer and
proxy everything (so you could have the backends fully firewalled), but even
if it doesn't, you can use a Perdition proxy to do it.

> 5. I want the two servers to stay in sync at all times - although a 
> delay of minutes is obviously completely acceptable.

You don't have to, with murder.  You can have different frontends talking to
the same set of backend servers.  Just make sure the mupdate server is up to
the task (as well as connectivity to it).

Syncing two *active* cyrus spools is not anywhere close to trivial, so the
above method is much simpler to set up.

> Currently, we are using an outsourced email hosting provider, and the 
> speed, because it is all IMAP, and because we deal with a lot of large 
> attachments, is *very* slow. I want the new system to scream, but I am 
> nervous about security.

With murder, you could even pull the ingenious trick someone posted a while
back, of moving the user mailboxes to backends close to their networks,
while still having it all accessible everywhere, in a flat namespace (shared
folders REALLY benefit from a flat namespace).

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