Cyrus IMAP - sync two servers (one Public, one Private)

Robin Rainton robin at
Tue Mar 8 17:03:10 EST 2005


I'm inclinded to agree with Aleksandar - I'm about to embark on something very
similar and will do this:

Have a Linux firewall running Cyrus, Sendmail, etc, etc. that's connected to
internal LAN and external 'net via 2 different interfaces. Of course this will
do standard firewall stuff and run webserver with a webmail client (IMP and
Squirrelmail work well) accessable from inside/outside.

External ports will be blocked with the exception of Web, SMTP, SSH, etc. IMHO
it's also OK to allow imaps and pops. I run TLS on the sendmail and will allow
sending through here if a connection authenticates.

So, either internally or externally one can use the webmail client, or an
imap/smtp client so long as they authenticate securely. If you tweak your
internal DNS so that resolves to the public IP
externally, and private IP internally then clients won't even have to change
settings when out on the road.

Have also been toying with VPNs and tried the Tincd server with some success.
Have read around the place that CIPE and IPSec have been broken, but if 
knows different (Aleksandar?) I'd love to hear :)



Quoting Aleksandar Milivojevic <amilivojevic at>:

> Charles Marcus wrote:
>> So, to summarize, we will have two Cyrus IMAP servers, one Public, 
>> one Private. Most employee access will be from the internal, office 
>> LAN, but with occasional access from the internet (home, vacation, 
>> etc), so the Mailboxes on both servers must be kept in sync. Short 
>> delays (up to a few minutes) in the sync process are acceptable.
> Have you thought of implementing something simpler and more standard?

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