Maximum SASL2 Password Length?

Forrest Aldrich forrie at
Tue Mar 8 20:44:57 EST 2005

I'm trying to determine what the max length is for SASL2 passwords....

Looking through /usr/local/include/sasl/sasl.h, I see references to:

    typedef int sasl_server_userdb_checkpass_t(sasl_conn_t *conn,
                           void *context,
                           const char *user,
                           const char *pass,
                           unsigned passlen,               
                           struct propctx *propctx);

    /* Plain text password structure.
     *  len is the length of the password, data is the text.
    typedef struct sasl_secret {
        unsigned long len;
        unsigned char data[1];              /* variable sized */
    } sasl_secret_t;

Can someone clarify?   I need this for a database service (ie: to know 
what field limits to use).


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