Cyrus IMAP - sync two servers (one Public, one Private)

Charles Marcus CMarcus at
Wed Mar 9 11:14:04 EST 2005

>> So, to summarize, we will have two Cyrus IMAP servers, one Public, one 
>> Private. Most employee access will be from the internal, office LAN, 
>> but with occasional access from the internet (home, vacation, etc), so 
>> the Mailboxes on both servers must be kept in sync. Short delays (up 
>> to a few minutes) in the sync process are acceptable.

> Have you thought of implementing something simpler and more standard?
> Many organizations are solving this problem by using single IMAP server 
> on internal LAN, and webmail host in DMZ (that connects to internal IMAP 
> server, either directly, or more often through some kind of IMAP proxy). 
> When outside of the office, employees can access their mail using 
> webmail interface.  When inside the office, they can access it using 
> regular IMAP client.  Actually, I have couple of users that like webmail 
> interface so much, they are using it even when they are in the office. 
> Horde/IMP is very nice and usable webmail interface.  Squirrel Mail is 
> another one.  I kind of preffer IMP, but that's only my preference.

Yes, I'd pretty much come to this conclusion when I read your reply. I 
found a document talking about setting a reverse proxy to secure a web 
server... is this what you were talking about? It looks like it would 
provide a level of security I could be comfortable with.

My main concern is, I am not a 'security' specialist. I have employed 
someone locally to assist me in securing our network and performing 
quarterly audits, but I'd just feel better if we didn't have *any* holes 
into our internal LAN. I guess I can live with two holes that are well 

I appreciate all of the replies - saved me a lot of time trying 
something that probably wouldn't have worked anyway.


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