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Craig White craigwhite at
Thu Mar 3 02:53:03 EST 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-03 at 00:04 -0500, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> Nothing like following-up to your own posts.
> The consensus of the private emails I've received is that some people 
> opt not to utilize Sieve, based upon the lack of documentation.
> I find that surprising, but I've not found much to speak of yet - 
> anyone?   Or do we just use procmail as the mailer ;-)
your sarcasm notwithstanding - if I recall correctly, you asked about
conversion of procmail to sieve and the only thing I saw was some
scripts included with the distribution which appeared to be from Andrew
Morgan - I have seen it referenced on the site for cyrus-imapd
as well.

They didn't work out of the box for me and I could have hacked at it for
my needs but I only had about 40 procmail scripts and that didn't seem
to be worth the effort - especially since I didn't understand the

I think if you check out sieveshell, you will see that you can easily
type up sieve scripts with your favorite text editor and import them and
activate with sieveshell pretty easily. This provides the extra measure
that you understand the sieve structure. There is also the websieve
project and I have been using horde/ingo. Horde/ingo and websieve are
generally userlevel stuff - but with some thoughtful manipulation, you
can probably create the base stuff and apply it to other users.

What I ended up doing is creating a basic sieve script - mostly to
handle headers tagged with Spam-Status = Yes and move them to another
imap box, loaded it, which created the bytecode file and then used
autocreate features to load it automatically for each new user. Then I
created the users mailboxes. I also have a basic set of rules (in
essence duplicating the same thing) in horde/ingo so if a user decides
to use the whitelisting/blacklisting/vacation stuff in ingo, the spam
tag rules will still be there.

On casual inspection, it appears that not all of procmail functionality
is in sieve scripts but they certainly seem to handle most anything that
I need and so I'm not all that bothered by that.

My understanding is that if you use lmtp - you cannot use procmail.

I am by no means expert and it seems that your attitude might not
engender many others to volunteer their time to help you understand this

Since you are the administrator, it probably behooves you to check all
these things out for yourself as you are the only one who can decide
what works best for your setup.


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