Copy mbox to Cyrus, user account

Cristian Mitrana cristian.mitrana at
Fri Mar 4 03:04:18 EST 2005

Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> I have a situation where a user needs her old email copied from an mbox 
> into her new Cyrus account.  Easy enough; however, she's a remote user 
> and her auth is via SASL.  So, it would potentially require me to either 
> 1) get her password, or 2) reset the password on Cyrus so I could use 
> "imapcopy" (or some other tool).

Assuming the mbox is a normal mailbox file you could use an IMAP client
that knows about proxy authorization: authenticate as an IMAP admin 
(cyrus) and authorize as the user in question, so you could perform all
transfer operations under the user privileges.
  I know at some point on the list somebody suggested using mbxcopy from
imapd-tools (UW tools, requires c-client from their site also).
mboxcopy knows about proxy authorization and trasfers from any format
c-client understands (mbox, pop3, imap) to other format.
  I have been using it (a modified version which included the cyrus 
password) to backup the imap mailboxes to regular flat mbox format.
  I don't recall if somebody on the list posted or just said that
he patched mboxcopy to get the admin password via an environment 
variable rather than hardcodeit into the program (like I did).

> There must be an easier way to do this that I've not seen... ?
  I must admin it sounds simpler than it actually is to implement,
you could just change the password temporarily and restore it
back with the original sasldb2.

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