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Javi Martin javim at
Fri Mar 4 04:39:36 EST 2005

Hi people,
    some days ago we changed our mail server. We were running a 
cyrus-imapd 2.1 on a Red Hat 7.2 box and now we installed a cyrus-imapd 
2.2.10 on a Debian Sarge.
    To do the migration I copyed all the users mailboxes and mail files 
(spool directory) and the mail "data" (lib directory) to the new box 
and, following the instructions from Cyrus page I converted the old seen 
files to skiplist. I did a reconstruct -rf user.* and all seemed to be 
running ok, also seen states.
    The clients who are using this mail server are all MS Outlook XP. I 
know it doesn't have a good IMAP support, but our users wanted it. With 
some rules at clients we managed to store sent-mail on the IMAP server 
automatically, but after some hours of use, that rules failed. Trying to 
connect to the sent mailbox results on a System I/O Error on the client. 
The cyrus log, says more or less the same:
        imap[31053]: IOERROR: opening 
eliminados/cyrus.cache: No such file or directory
    I looked for that file (cyrus.cache) and it exists. It doesn't 
happen to all users at the same time, I mean one user can have the error 
while other user is working ok. But when accessing a mailbox fails, 
almost all the user's mailboxes fail too.
    I know hot to fix the error. If I reconstruct that user's mailboxes 
all works ok again, but the IOERROR appears again after some hours of 
works. I don't know how to reproduce it...
    Anyone knows how to fix it? I installed the last cyrus-imapd version 
(2.2.12) but it didn't fix it. The error appears many times a day... Is 
it a cyrus-problem? Outlook??
    Maybe useful data:
       - Users have between 2000 to 6000 mails on the sent folder...

       - /etc/imapd.conf
            configdirectory: /data/mail/lib/cyrus
            defaultpartition: default
            partition-default: /data/mail/spool/cyrus/mail
            partition-news: /data/mail/spool/cyrus/news
            newsspool: /data/mail/spool/cyrus/news
            altnamespace: no
            unixhierarchysep: no
            munge8bit: no
            admins: cyrus
            allowanonymouslogin: no
            autocreatequota: 500000
            umask: 077
            sieveusehomedir: false
            sievedir: /data/mail/lib/cyrus/sieve
            hashimapspool: false
            sasl_mech_list: PLAIN
            allowapop: no
            sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
            sasl_auto_transition: no
            lmtpsocket: /var/run/cyrus/socket/lmtp
            idlesocket: /var/run/cyrus/socket/idle
            notifysocket: /var/run/cyrus/socket/notify
    I hope anyone can help me. I don't know where to look and didn't 
find anything in google...
    Sorry for my poor english.
    Thanks to all in advance.

Javi Martín
Dpto. Sistemas Unix Oasys Soft

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