Problem while deleting mailbox on a private spool on NFS

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Fri Mar 18 07:39:46 EST 2005

--On Tuesday, March 15, 2005 6:55 PM +0100 Christophe Boyanique 
<tof at> wrote:

> hello all,
> I have two Cyrus IMAP server strictly identical. One with a local spool
> and another one with a private spool on a NFS server.

Don't use Cyrus over NFS.  It's not safe.  You *WILL* end up with corrupt 

There might be some NFS Client+Server combinations that are safe, but since 
you've a Linux client I'm guessing your NFS server is also Linux, a known 
not-safe configuration.  The reason is file locking doesn't' really work on 

> The Cyrus IMAP server are version 2.1.17-3 on Debian Sarge.
> When I delete a mailbox (via cyradm for example), the mailbox directory
> is not deleted on the server with the NFS spool; but the content of the
> mailbox is deleted (including the cyrus.header, cache et index).
> On the server with the local spool, the mailbox folder is correctly
> deleted.
> Is this a known problem ?
> Christophe.

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